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Why Do Private Lessons?


Many students who attend regular classes also like to compliment their group training sessions with additional private lessons. They do this so that they can focus on their own personal improvement of techniques and tactics.



What Can I learn?


During a private lesson you can focus solely on what you what to achieve from a single session (or series of sessions). Many students benefit from more personal attention to make the most of their potential skills.


With a private lesson you can design your own workout schedule and develop your skills with an instructor at your own pace. This allows you to really focus on improving your technique and fitness levels.


As private lessons are tailored to a specific individual's requirements, many students use them to improve their abilities and training in the areas they have found their skills lacking in regular classes. Most often this involves training in these areas:


  • techniques training. Learning specific techniques, and improving your general tactical awareness

  • physical training. Getting into shape, improve your fitness level and learn how to respond under physical pressure.

  • mental training. Overcoming fear, improving your self confidence and learning how to react under psychological pressure.


The Benefits


  • Learn advanced tactics

  • Learn advanced techniques

  • helps you progress faster

  • Get personal lessons from a qualified instructor

  • Get a customized training program to help you get the results you want


Our private lessons are specially designed so that you improve in the fastest way. Maximise your potential by booking your own private lesson today!

Private Lessons

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