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Classes and Training

Frequently asked questions about classes and training in general.

Can I train in krav maga?

Do I need to be really fit?

No. Krav Maga is about realistic self-defence for everyone. A welcome by-product of the training is that your fitness will improve, but this is not the main objective. Everyone is encouraged to train at their own level. 

I have no martial arts background. Can I still do Krav Maga?

Yes. In many cases this is actually an advantage, as you don’t have to spend time ‘unlearning’ aspects of other systems that, while excellent for sport fighting purposes, are not really effective for self-defence in realistic situations. 

Will I get hurt?

Your safety is our first priority. The nature of the training naturally implies some risk of injury, but if you listen carefully and follow all instructions, this risk is minimal. Injuries are very rare, but you will likely get some bruises.

Classes (Miscellanous)

How long do lessons last?

Lessons last 105 minutes (1¾ hours).

How many lessons are there each week?

There is one lesson per week.

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