We are sorry the forms are not working properly for you! You can be assured that you are not the only person it has happened too!


Quick Fix


The 'quickest fix' is just to contact us by phone! Just call us on 078 900 48 791 and we will try to answer all your krav maga questions!


Longer fix


The most common cause of form errors happen to people using older web browsers, particularly those on mobile phones. Unfortunetly, it is not possble for us to support every web browser ever made; the solution is to upgrade your web browser to a more modern version.


We appreciate that this can be difficult to do on many mobile phones, as the 'stock' web browser can not usually be upgraded without installing a new operating system upgrade. Downloading a new web browser to your phone may also not work, as many web browsers that you can download from Google Play actually use the 'stock' web browser of your phone to display web pages. We therefore recomend that you download firefox for your phone:



As firefox seems to work well for most people. We hope this information has proven useful to you.