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What Is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga is a modern, reality-based, self defence system which is both practical and effective. It has been tested and proven in the most extreme street situations. However, it is designed to be used by everyday people.


It was developed in Israel,  by  it’s founder,  Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) and continues to advance and be updated to reflect current threat situations by Eyal Yanilov of Krav Maga Globel (KMG), who is assisted by the top instructors in the world.


What does Krav Maga mean?


The name “krav maga” is a transliteration from Hebrew to english and can be translated as "contact combat". The root word krav (קרב) means "battle" or "combat" and maga (מגע) means "contact".


What can I learn in Krav Maga?


As Krav Maga  techniques do not rely on strength they are equally applicable for people of all ages, and abilities. It is a relatively quick to learn self defence system and  is based on natural body responses and movements.


Krav Maga is a horizontal system with a unique and logical approach. With the unique teaching method and drills most people will assimilate the techniques quickly. By doing so they will gain the confidence to respond effectively to different threat situations. It is easy to learn and retain It is performed naturally and intuitively, and practically designed to be used under stressful conditions.


Krav Maga teaches how to prevent, deal and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks. It prepares the trainees in the subjects of self-defence, self-protection, fighting and combat skills, as well as such skills as how to defend others.


Krav  maga teaches you techniques to deal with threats such as armed attackers and multiple attackers. While also learning how to avoid trouble and to deescalate threat situations without fighting.


Some of the subjects included in the Krav Maga Curriculum include:


  • Dealing with throws and falls to all directions and angles.

  • Attacks and counterattacks, performed to all targets, distances, ranges, heights, angles, directions and in all rhythms. Executed from all positions and postures.

  • Use of all sorts of common objects for defensive purposes.

  • Defending all unarmed attacks, punches, strikes and kicks.

  • Releases from all sorts of grabs and holds.

  • Defending all armed attacks and threats of knife and sharp objects; of sticks bars and other blunt objects; of all kind of firearms.

  • Dealing with the above attacks by  single or multiple attackers; while standing, on the move, sitting down, laying down on the back, side or facing down.

  • How to disarm armed attackers.

  • Physical and mental control.

Come and join us  -  you will be amazed by what you can learn to do!


Krav Maga

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